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See Santa in Lapland (1 day)

A superb one day tour to mystical Lapland where everything you could possibly imagine, is included. Great for family-themed incentives and promotions. The day will roughly run as follows:

It all begins with an exciting sleigh transfer from the airport to a beautiful location in the Lappish countryside, then off to visit a snow igloo and take part in a variety of traditional arctic activities.

Leaving the UK at around 8am, breakfast will be served on the flight. It takes 3 ½ hours to fly to Lapland and on arrival at Enontekio and we’ll provide everyone with a thermal snow suit and boots to keep them warm during the day. Then it’s time to head to a beautiful location set beside a frozen lake shore by snowmobile and sleigh.

Once at the venue winners can relax and enjoy the magic of this amazing winter wonderland. Learn to drive a snowmobile (suitable for adults and children alike). Of course, children always love to try some tobogganing and there are special Stiga toboggans available, which allow them to have a greater steering ability to enhance their enjoyment.
As they enter the snow igloo there are ice sculptures and tables also made of ice, where they may sit and sample some traditional hot berry juice. No journey to Lapland would be complete without experiencing a traditional sleigh ride pulled by either a team of huskies or Santa’s faithful reindeer. Yet where will they find Santa Claus?
Well, a snowmobile and sleigh will be waiting to transport them to his home in the forest. Father Christmas knows that they have travelled from a far to see him & their meeting with him has been carefully organised by Santa’s Helper. Each child will receive a gift from Santa.
Lunch will be available throughout the day and the menu usually includes soup, baked potatoes with either a meat or vegetarian filling, pasta and a sweet dessert of pancakes and jam.

Finally, after realising the dream of meeting Santa it’s time to go home. They’ll board the coach for the short journey to Enontekio Airport leaving Santa and his helpers to continue with their important duties. Dinner will be served during the return flight, then it’s time to rest, relax and remember an amazing, fun-filled time in Lapland.

Runs on set dates in 2017 and 2018. Ideal for families, but can also be offered for 2 adults. Also available in longer durations of 2nts, 3nts and 4nts.  Contact us for more details.