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Luxury Trans-Siberian Express in Winter

The Tran-Siberian Railway is towards the top of many people’s bucket list and winter is the time it feels most romantic.

This prize includes all of the splendour and romance and takes away all of the faffing about that can often go with booking a monumental trip such as this. This crossing will take winners from Moscow to Beijing, allowing them independence but with support along the way. Everything you'd trust would be on a Trans-Siberian wish list is included here, and as this trip will take place in the winter months, we'll also add in a spot of ice-fishing and skiing. There's plenty of time to stare thoughtfully out of the window at taiga and stepp, stop in Irkutsk for a picnic at Lake Baikal and pause in the Mongolian Capital Ulaanbaatar for a couple of days.

The adventures off the train are matched by the timeless appeal offered aboard the world’s most iconic railway journey. The journey ends in glorious St. Petersburg, where winner's will get to experience the contrast between the imperial splendour and the soviet simplicity that existed both then and now.


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