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Antarctica in a Day

This adventure is a total one-off and takes only a select few into the very heart of Antarctica.

We'll fly winners into Cape Town and from there the adventure begins to experience the last great wilderness on earth in just a single day!

Soaring over thousands of icebergs, we'll fly them across the mighty Southern Ocean. During the

five and a half hour flight, they'll see the African night turn to day as they cross the polar circle

and into 24hrs continuous sunshine. The plane lands on a specially equipped ice runway and

as they step outside, they'll become part of an elite group of people who have ever stood on

the continent of Antarctica – a place usually reserved for scientists and the odd polar explorer.

Our guides will be there to meet them as they get into our modified 4x4s and drive to the

guesthouse on the edge of an immense sea of ice. With mild summer temperatures of -5C and

with our high tech polar clothing, they'll be kept nice and warm.

Once at camp, they can choose from a number of different activities ranging in length and difficulty. There are gentle treks over to the 200ft cliffs on the edge of the oasis, offering amazing views out to the coast. They'll also visit the nearby ice grottos – natural tunnels winding through the glacier that are as surreal as they are beautiful. There's even a chance for a sauna at the Russian Science Base! Peering inside ice tunnels, looking out over icewaves and walking on glaciers, as well as trailing across the landscape in specially modified 4x4s, are just some of the highlights of this incredible experience.

Contact us for more details and prices. This trip requires a serious budget.