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    Prizes, rewards, dreams & incentives with a feel good factor.

    We help to connect brand to customer & employer to employee by creating meaningful bespoke, targeted prizes, incentives & rewards. Our vision is to help you create inspired ideas which help to make the world a better place.

    Prizes & Winner Management

    With a feel good factor

    * Worldwide * Travel * Meaningful Experiences * Sporting * Food * Charity * Retreats


    Prizes are usually associated with brand giveaways in the form of competitions and prize draws. And when you've got it spot on, they'll provide a huge incentive for people to buy your product over and above another brand. Prize promotions create stand-out on shelf, online, in print and on air. Prizes can also be offered by businesses to their staff too, incentivising them to work better.


    Rewards & Incentives

    Positive people are infectious and produce better results



    Reward and recognition programmes including web platforms and apps which we then fill with meaningful experiences and products. Utterly bespoke, utterly unique. We also run the Dream Machine, just ask us for more details.


    Dream Incentive Trips

    We create incredible, powerful global tailored programmes which align with your brand message and needs.



    We create unique brand and employee travel programmes that align with your mission, messages and needs.  What we'd really love is to make your trip meaningful as well as memorable.  Let's inspire people to deepen their wisdom, wonder, compassion and resilience and use the experiences we create to inspire what they bring to life, work, and relationships amidst the myriad of changes, challenges and opportunities of these turbulent and rapidly shifting times.


    The Dream Machine

    Attracting & motivating exceptional talent is a game-changer

    As levels of engagement in the workplace have fallen spectacularly and are at their lowest ever, companies are facing a threat to their long term survival and their short term profits. No longer attracting and retaining the best people is a major issue. Our Dream Machine will help you to become a global leader in employee lifestyle design. It's a simple idea. We''ll give you a Dream Machine (this can be real or virtual) and when you hit target (you set whatever type of target you like), we'll pop a dream ball and make someones dream comes true. We believe that if you lead a business with your heart, it will be much stronger, profitable and happier. Ask us for details/a case study if you'd like to explore this simple, yet hugely powerful, idea.

  • PepsiCo Naked Powerful Smoothies Canada Adventure

    We have just arrived home from our wonderful Canada trip and just wanted to say a huge thank you. It all went so smoothly and was so well organised. We really couldn’t have wished for a better holiday. The boys loved it too! Kate Correal & Family

    P&G ASDA Lenor trip to Venice


    Just to say our heartiest thanks for a brilliant time in Venice. The hotel could not have been better situated, literally a road's width away from the bus and train stations. I'm still shaking my head at the price of a rail ticket into Venice Santa Lucia ……. 1 Euro 30 Cents !!! I didn't know such prices still existed. And they gave us a room six floors up so we could see for literally miles. I pondered life as I walked past the spot where I'd slept under the stars all those years ago. I said to Dawn, "a 4* hotel, spending money, fantastic weather, we are so, so lucky".


    This was such a lovely, generous prize. Nowadays it's accepted companies have to be cash conscience. We see so many competitions where the prize is for two nights. Three is a luxury but four nights is a rarity and very, very giving of the promoters. It allowed us to not just see Venice during the day and twice at night, but to travel up to Lido Di Jesolo and bask in the sunshine as well splash about in the Adriatic. Amazing for late October.


    Needless to say I want to thank the promoters and also pass on our gratitude for your own very special efforts in making this such a brilliant getaway. You always answered our queries with amazing punctuality and with such friendliness. We really appreciated the confidence we had in our dealings with you. Thanks you are a real star. Tony and Dawn ASDA Lenor

    PepsiCo Quaker Oats Florida

    We've arrived back in the UK and now at home adjusting . I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you put into this prize holiday for us and to say what a fantastic time we all had. The apartments were wonderful and our room was beyond reproach, geographically placed bang in the centre of all the popular attractions leading to an easy access to all the parks.


    The weather we were expecting (thunder, lightning, windy etc) was basically contained to one or two days and our trip to Kennedy Space Centre was not spoiled at all. It was one of our highlights. It was also nice to see a fellow prize winner and his family from Wales enjoying the day too. To sum up we had the time of our lives with wonderful memories for life made possible by Quaker oats and The happy prize co. We again would like to thank you both very much for making all of this possible for us all.

    Kevin & family

    M&M's LA

    Wow what can I say?! I had the most amazing time in LA. Thank you so so much to everyone for organising this trip of a lifetime. The hotel was gorgeous and right beside Universal. Los Angeles is out of this world and I will be definitely going back. Mr Yellow M&M was at the airport to greet me before my travels too :). Thanks so much again to all of you.


    McVities Round-The-World

    I'm gutted to be home. I want to go back. I've got the travelling bug now!

    Your effort and time and patience was outstanding. I know I'm not the easiest of people to deal with - you did a fantastic job. Emma


    Tropicana Santorini

    "Thank you very much for organising our Santorini trip. We have had a really lovely week and Rose Bay is a superb hotel. It was truly a prize (and holiday) to remember." Pauline

  • Anticipation Experience Memory

    Happiness is often the anticipation of an event

    or experience and a memory of it

    "Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so"

    Philosopher - John Stuart Mill


    The meaning behind this quote shows us there is a paradox at the heart of happiness. We are actually hardwired to enjoy the anticipation of a joyous event, and savour the memory. And because of this, we believe it's built upon a three-act structure of anticipation, experience, and memory.


    • First it’s about creating anticipation, which is really strong—both from a psychological standpoint but also the anticipation of the experience. It goes back to our primitive skills of releasing dopamine. It’s our hunting skills. If we didn’t have this sense of anticipation, we would have starved to death a long time ago. Anticipation is extremely powerful. 
    • Then the experience itself is vitally important. You actually remember the high moment. 
    • Once you have a combination of anticipation and experience, the memory of it can remain for an incredibly long time. And during that time you'll speak to many, many people about your experience. Get it right and it lingers on and on. 


    So consider this. When you are working on your next campaign, remember that when you contribute to a person's memories, you have a fan. Perhaps for life....




    Justine Clement

    Owner, Founder & CEO

    Justine spent the last 15 years helping to set up prize and incentive specialist, Unmissable, and from 2007 became Managing Director. She has always been fascinated by experiences, what makes people feel most alive and what attracts them to certain dreams and ideas. She's been responsible for creating 1000's of bespoke experiences for pretty much every consumer brand you can think of (as well as a fair few B2Bs) and her little black book of insider contacts is testament to her passion for creating the unique. She's also passionate about ways to think and feel better and has spent the last few years also working on The Life Adventure, a wellbeing consultancy that's been busy helping the government and marketing agencies to improve the wellbeing of their people.



    Jack Hubbard

    Non-Exec Director

    Jack has a bold approach to business, and to looking after the people he works with. He is the founder and CEO of award winning online marketing agency, Propellernet, whose corporate objectives are entirely focussed on enabling employees to achieve their dreams. The better the business performs, the more its employees are helped to embark upon adventures, to travel and to realise their ambitions. Jack knows that keeping people happy and fulfilled isn’t just a way to motivate hard work – it’s a worthwhile end in itself.



    Myriam Crete O'Carroll


    Driven by positive transformation, Myriam is passionate about creativity and innovation as growth-drivers and catalysts for change. Myriam is inspired by innovators, social entrepreneurs and purpose-led organisations who act to make a difference in the world. Working at the crossroad of innovation, creativity and conscious leadership, she is a brand ambassador and a match-maker, naturally connecting people, ideas & businesses for greater impact.



    Libby Christie


    Libby spent 10 fun-fuelled years also at prize and incentive specialist, Unmissable, as Head of Sales and Operations helping create a vibrant  and successful team. Currently she is committed to working with  individuals on a one-to-one basis aiding their development in becoming  happy people with a real sense of purpose.



  • Meaningful Experiences

    We create experiences to help you solve big business problems

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  • Content we create

    Through our sister company The Life Adventure

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  • Our business, social and environmental commitments

    We're very proud to say that after two years, we finally became B Corp certified in February 2020. This certification provides the platform and the foundations we seek to drive positive change in the prize, reward and incentive industry, as well as the travel industry as a whole. Our mission is to create powerful, meaningful experiences for brands that inspire, educate and connect people to themselves and their environment. We're also committed to donating to charities who are doing exceptional work. Here are two that are very close to our hearts. Learn more about their work and about B Corporations here.

  • Our Impact

    1. We switched to a green energy supplier in June 2018. Our office energy now comes from 100% renewables.

    2. From 2017 we pledged to buy all our office fruit & veg from a local community farm

    3. As an ongoing process we continue to educate ourselves on the science & impact of climate change and how we can limit the impact our company's activities on the planet.

    4. In 2019 we switched to banking with an ethical bank.

    5. From 2018 onwards we pledged to walk, cycle or use public transport whenever possible to attend all our client meetings.

    6. From 2016 onwards we only purchase environmentally-friendly products for cleaning and using in our office.

    7. The flights we offer our clients generate CO2, contributing to climate change, one of the biggest global challenges we face. Working with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare we are supporting projects that cut global carbon emissions and improve people’s lives.

    8. Our mission is to create meaningful experiences for brands that connect people to nature and themselves and teach them about ethics, purpose and passion.

    9. The flights we offer our clients generate CO2, contributing to climate change, one of the biggest global challenges we face. Working with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare we are supporting projects that cut global carbon emissions and improve people’s lives.


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