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Trends for travel prizes in 2024

Last year was a turning point for travel when the first tourist flight to space finally happened, 20 years after we remember first offering the idea to a client as an option for a prize campaign. The idea of space travel for the super-wealthy and super-lucky has been a stop-start affair for years, but in the midst of those big headlines, whilst last year was about fully dusting off our suitcases post-covid, this year people are becoming a little more discerning when it comes to their travel choices. People are asking themselves deeper questions about what's more meaningful, what doesn't negatively impact the planet too much, as well as not wanting to negatively impacting the people who live in the places they visit.

Indulging in great food and wellbeing (including ways to experience silence and slower ways to travel) are the headliners, but here are a few more of our favourite highlights that might serve and help inform you when plannning any campaigns you may be working on this year where you're considering travel as a prize, reward or incentive.



Or below and under. As crossings of the incredible Drake Passage to Antarctica rack up millions of TikTok views and traffic jams form on Everest, savvy travellers are seeking more individual, less obvious experiences that combine thrill-seeking with more meaningful self-empowerment. New frontiers are of course entirely subjective, but here's some ideas:

  • Camp under the stars in a remote landscape
  • Hike an ancient pilgrimage trail that’s been off the map for centuries.
  • A trek into the Congo
  • An expedition to the remote Mitre Peninsula in Argentina
  • A trip in Peru navigating the Sacred Valley of the Incas by raft
  • Wilderness camping is also pegging out fresh terrain in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Exploring the Empty Quarter of Oman
  • Seeing the Ross Ice Shelf and Transantarctic Mountains.



The idea behind this, which we wholeheartedly support, is that food always tastes better eaten outside. This trend is for beautifully curated culinary experiences in natural environments, using local and foraged ingredients. Here are some ideas:

  • In Sweden, there's an incredible network of do-it-yourself outdoor restaurants where you book a table in a scenic location, search for nettles, birch leaves, lingonberries and trumpet chanterelles, and then cook them on an open fire according to a recipe card provided by a Michelin-grade chef.
  • There are some incredible UK fire feasts, including one set among the bluebells.
  • 2024 is the last year we'll be able to eat at the legendary Copenhagen foraging-focused restaurant Noma.
  • Holmen Lofoten’s Kitchen On The Edge Of The World series in the Norwegian Arctic Circle, where guests can participate in four nights of wild feasts cooked by top chefs.



In an age of overstimulation, silence feels like a must at times. Offering the chance to restore and reset, silent travel represents a more mindful kind of trip - one that doesn’t leave you needing a holiday to recover from your holiday. Here are some ideas:

  • Silent meditation retreats in Portual and Italy.
  • Digital detox cabins - UK or overseas
  • Secluded nature resorts
  • Quiet Hotels
  • Silent walking experiences - UK
  • A silence and nature tour in Finland



Rail travel has retained it's popularity and this is only going to increase in 2024, not just for the climate-conscious, but think extravagance and design-led train lines which rival some of the best hotels in the world. Here are a few ideas:

  • An 80-day Around the World by Luxury Train voyage that will cross four continents and 13 countries that includes combining Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Jasper and India’s Maharajas Express from Delhi to Mumbai.
  • The Eastern & Oriental Express is making a grand comeback this year with carriages getting an upscale revamp and its legendary route being retraced through Malaysia's landscapes.
  • Japan is a hot destination for its incredible rail journeys including the highly sought-after Shiki-shima.
  • In Europe, six new train lines will commence or terminate in Rome under Accor's La Dolce Vita brand, with suites designed by starchitects Dimorestudio, building on the cultural legacy of the infamous Orient Express.



This one is our favourite and it would work really well for a prize campaign. Longevity is the latest wellbeing trend thanks to the hit Netflix documentary about Blue Zones. Between 2021 and 2022, venture-capital investment in longevity clinics more than doubled from $27 million to $57 million globally. Hotels are catching up and Blue Zone retreats are popping up all over the place. Here's a few options:

  • Kamalaya in Thailand who embrace bio-regenerative treatments such as ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen chambers, both on offer at Kamalaya's new Longevity House.
  • Six Senses in Ibiza have teamed up with biotech company RoseBar to offer guests full diagnostic testing.
  • Maybourne Hotel Group is collaborating with wellness tech pioneer Virtusan to help guests boost performance.
  • Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea offers treatments such as stem cells and NAD+ (aka the fountain of youth) through its partnership with Next Health longevity centre.
  • 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay in Kauai, guests are welcomed with a B12 shot instead of bubbles and offer new wellness-specific rooms come with recovery-boosting mod cons including infrared light mats.



For most people, the sun is where it's at for holidays. But with record temperatures being recorded, many are quite literally feeling the heat. Bring in the coolcation, which is not only easier on the sweat-factor, but often the pocket and is less crowded. A survey for luxe travel network Virtuoso found that 82% of its clients are considering destinations with more moderate weather in 2024. They're also great for families, too. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Iceland - an all round amazing location in both winter and summer. Makes a great prize as is often deemed quite expensive for many.
  • Finland for activity holidays - also great for families.
  • Scotland for nature experiences and great beaches.
  • Latvia, which is surging in popularity.
  • Cycling or hiking in Slovenia.
  • Scadinavia and the Baltics - kayaking in Norway, for example.


We can help you put together holidays and experiences for any of the ideas listed above. Just email us here and we'll call you right back to discuss your needs in accordance with your budgets.