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Wake Up! the App & Experience - Brand Opportunities


Wake Up! is an app, a book and a workshop and is here to make lives more conscious, fun and inspired. It's a series of human, playful activities designed to get us off autopilot, engage with the world and make every day count.

We have all driven a long distance and arrived at our destination with little memory of the journey. This is because when we are doing routine activities our subconscious takes over to save energy. In effect, we are driving on autopilot. The problem is it doesn’t just happen when we drive. It happens every day when we are at work, when we are with our loved ones and indeed when we are living our lives. It is estimated that over 80% of our waking time is spent on autopilot.

The app is designed so the user can capture the moments when they feel most conscious and alive. By doing so, they'll be more aware of when these moments happen. In time, they'll find it easier to switch off their autopilot more often. As the app understands what makes the user tick, it will deliver ideas that have the best chance of working for them. Wake Up! is a positive platform for positive people. It’s for those who want to discover and celebrate the moments they feel more inspired and alive.

And now there's also an opportunity for selected brands to get involved too, with the chance to create 'branded experiments' and content for customers within an environment where they'll have a uniquely positive emotional experience. As a brand partner you'll be able to:

  • Use the Wake Up! app as a research tool to test propositions, ideas and activities that can be linked to the brand, which are related to people waking up and living a more technicolour life. 
  • Reach followers directly by giving them a unique portal into the app with the ability to learn directly from consumers activity and feedback. 
  • Also use the app as part of an internal well-being programme. 

If you're a brand already using positive messaging to communicate with your audience and are looking to further enhance your campaigns, please see the short slide deck below and get in touch to discuss further. Contact us here.

We have also created Wake Up! The Experience - a 2.5 day program that helps people step back from all the busyness and reconnect with who they are, what’s important to them and how they spend their time.

It uses dynamic learning and development consultancy, Upping Your Elvis' unique creative approaches to help people become more conscious and aware, giving them the skills and confidence to stay on track and not let the world shape their daily experience for them. The Wake Up! Experience goes much deeper than Wake Up! the book or app can ever go, but is based on the same principles of escaping autopilot so we can all lead a more technicolor and extraordinary life.

This can be used as a prize to accompany the app campaign, or in many other ways such as team away days to get focussed on your campaign, to reconnect, to step back, or use as a team creative session. Contact us for more details and read more about the retreat here on our sister site, LearnShed. We can also create an accompanying branded event or festival on Waking Up! for up to 4000 people, full of wonder and activities, based around the concept of waking up and stepping away from a life on autopilot.