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Meaningful prizes for teens

An eye-opening, mindful youth camp set in the beautiful Norwegian fjords

We've teamed up with an expertly run youth camp in Norway for teens between 13 and 18 years old. They’ll get to try out a whole host of exciting activities, get to know themselves and understand others better, and form lifelong memories and friends.

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"This camp is guaranteed widen any teenager’s horizon"

The camp offers a number of adrenaline pumping, focusing building, and energy boosting activities, including: yoga, climbing, horse riding, martial arts, dog sledging, photography, boxing, cycling, SUP - paddling and much more from our global instructors. Participants will also be challenged to learn more about themselves and be given techniques to greater understand how to cope with things when life gets a bit difficult. They'll be taught skills to manage stress better, as well as tips on how to become more present in all they do, and how to strengthen their friendships.

What makes the camp unique?

There are as many as 24 activities on the program, for starters, and most with a bias towards wellbeing for teenagers.

From this program participants can expect to: undertake yoga from one of the world's most famous instructors, get an intro to meditation, and uniquely experience nature with a renowned art photographer. What's more they'll get the chance to climb mountains with a rock climbing instructor and even learn how to make healthy raw chocolate cake. There’s also a daily "happiness class" taught by Young Happy Minds. They’ll also get an intro to coding, learn about how to use expotential technology for good, as well as stand-up paddle boards they can take out to the lake, and much more...

Where is it?

Where the mountains meet the fjord. Where the trolls and the Northern Lights dance. Nosen Yoga Retreat Center is a special place. It is located in Panoramavegen 905 m between Hemsedal and Fagernes. The place that many call "Norway's most beautiful mountainous scenery..."

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We'll organise flights and accommodation for the winning teens (and even parents if they want to stay nearby).

So. Who’s in?