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Treading Lightly: Inspiring Travel Ideas that don't cost the Earth

The desire to explore is intrinsic to human nature. But in our desire to experience the world, we now realise that what's more important than ever is being mindful of how best to enjoy our holidays whilst conserving our planet for future wanderers. Sustainable travel isn’t a trend, but now more of a necessity.

We need good news right now, and whilst being sustainable has been seen as a bit of a kill joy in the past, being sustainable in our choice of travel can actually present us with unparalleled, exciting and world-class memorable experiences.

Let’s venture into a whistle-stop tour of remarkable corners of the globe where sustainability isn’t just a practice, but a way of life.


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The United Kingdom, with our lush countryside and historic cobblestoned towns is often overlooked by us Brits. Yet exploring the Cornish coast on foot or by bike, whilst staying in one of a plethora of amazing and sustainable hotels or pubs can be as rewarding as any trip overseas. Doing so also supports local communities and gets us living more in step and in harmony with nature.


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Venture further north and let Scotland’s rugged landscapes steal your breath away. Responsible tourism initiatives here not only preserve the environment but also some of the age-old traditions. Embarking on wildlife watching expeditions, or a coastline cruise and you begin tounderstand why the Scots revere their land so deeply.


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Further afield, the world beyond beckons with a myriad of sustainable adventures. In the heart of Africa, Botswana’s eco-conscious safaris are the epitome of ethical wildlife tourism. The pristine Okavango Delta is not just a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but a haven where eco-lodges contribute to wildlife conservation and community welfare. Here, the hum of nature is a constant companion in this untouched wilderness.

South America

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Across the globe in South America, the ecotourism initiatives of Costa Rica are world-class and hard to beat. With over a quarter of its land under protection, it’s a sanctuary for any eco-conscious traveller. Stroll through verdant rainforests, discover a bustling life in the canopies, and in the process you'll help contribute to local initiatives and conservation projects.

New Zealand

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Venture down under to New Zealand, where the Maori principle of "Kaitiakitanga" (guardianship of the environment) lays the foundation for an incredible experience. Whether you are hiking the pristine trails or kayaking alongside dolphins, respect for the environment echos in every step you take.


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Bhutan’s philosophy of Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product illustrates a profound understanding of sustainable living. This Himalayan Shangri-La with its carbon-negative status invites you to explore its monasteries and mountains whilst offering a lesson on living harmoniously with nature.


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The allure of the Northern Lights often draws people to the arctic terrain of Sweden. The country's emphasis on eco-friendliness ensures tourism here follows their respect nature conservation. Whilst it's cliche, a stay in the iconic Icehotel, which melts back into the river come spring, epitomises a transient yet deep-rooted respect for nature's cycle.


And finally..

A sustainable travel experience can unravel a more profound narrative of the places we visit. Each destination, brimming with stories, invites us to become a part of its endeavour to keep the ethos of exploration alive. Responsible travel acts as a reminder that the essence of travel is not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping us. And what better way to seize it than through a lens that not only enriches us but also ensures that the wonders of the world continue to enthrall all those generations to come.