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The Bumble Bee Safari

We’re probably all aware of the crisis affecting our bees in the UK and there's no reason why prize promotions can't play their part in helping educate people on how to play their part in improving the situation.

Knepp Wildland in Sussex provides an antidote – 3,500 acres free from pesticides, where wild plants and insects can thrive. The extensive swards of flowers and forests of willow that have colonised Knepp provide great spring forage for bees. This bee safari, led by one of the world’s leading bee experts, Dave Goulson, will entrance, with the dazzling variety of many of the UK’s 26 species of indigenous bumblebees.

Undoubtedly the common bumblebee species will be on display: buff-tails, white-tails, garden bumblebees, early bumblebees, common carders, and red-tails. You can also expect to find some cuckoo bumblebees, too - parasites that invade bumblebee nests, kill the queen, and enslave the workers. And perhaps, if you’re lucky, you might find rarer species, such as the red-shanked carder.

We'll organise incredible accommodation on site where winners can learn about the mysterious and ingenious life-cycles of these remarkable pollinators and the vital role they play in our ecology and food production. This is a walking safari, at a gentle pace for about 2 ½ hours, with frequent stops for bee-spotting and catching. We can organise as an overnight or two night stay in summer months.

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