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Hiking Across The Finnmark Plateau

The Finnmark Plateau ("Finnmarksvidda" in Norwegian) lies in the far north of mainland Norway and is a beautiful and exposed tundra region. A very special aspect of this trip is that you will be accompanied on the trek by one or more huskies who will assist the group by carrying some of the equipment in saddlebags.

The huskies will add at least as much to your tour experience by their companionship as with their load-carrying abilities! If you wish, you are welcome to take part in walking with the dog(s) using a waist harness and assist in their feeding and care.

Finnmarksvidda landscape

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Over five days, you will cover around 88km through an undulating landscape, which varies from mountain birch and pine-forest to the exposed moorland and wide horizons of the Plateau itself.

You begin your hike from just outside Alta, heading south across the plateau and then turning east to end near the settlement of Karasjok, home to the indigenous Sámi parliament (which you will have an opportunity to visit) and, like Alta itself, a checkpoint for the Finmarksløpet dogsled race in wintertime.

You will carry all equipment and food with you and should expect your pack to weigh around 15kg.

Hiking with Huskies Across Finnmarksvidda

Accommodation along the route is two nights in mountain lodges, one night camping in the wilderness with tents, and one night in simple cabin or camping. Sauna is available at the mountain lodges on two nights of the tour as well as on your return to Alta.

Hiking Across the Finnmark Plateau is offered in August, when you can experience the plateau in summer, and in September, when autumn is in full swing with its rich palette of colours and there may even be some early season snowflakes! Tours in September also offer excellent chances to see the Northern Lights during your tour, as the nights are now dark enough for the Aurora to be visible.

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