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Re-Wild Yourself in Cornwall

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Let’s face it, real life can sometimes be a little dull, so it pays to get away from it all. On this Walden-style adventure camp, set in a secluded location on a creek on Cornwall’s rugged Roseland peninsula – you can bushcraft, open-fire cook, forage, fish and wild swim, all under the expert advice of epic woodsman Thom Hunt – who built the centre (treehouse and all) with his own hands while living out in the wild himself. It's a hugely fun and potentially life-changing adventure and you'll be in expert hands throughout. Here are some example activities on offer:

Foraging & Cooking

Find your own dinner in the woods & fields surrounding the camp while learning to identify common plants & fungi. Impress your friends back at home after learning to cook your own ‘wild signature dish’ over the fire you made yourself.

Knife skills

Get to know your way around a blade and basic butchery or filleting skills. A great introduction to prepping your dinner for the flame.


When the fire starts to burn… learn how to build a roaring fire to cook your catch on and to keep you warm under the stars. Learn the top tips and tricks for woodland survival from experts.

Canadian canoeing

Get out on the river and learn the art of maneuvering a Canadian canoe with stealth. If you’re lucky you’ll get a fish while you are out there too.

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