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Purpose-led prize ideas

Glamour is no longer about glimmering chandeliers, polished lobbies and fussy service. It’s about having meaningful life-enhancing escapes where we make emotional connections with new destinations, cultures and people.” —Stylist magazine

We appreciate that holidays used as prizes are more about having fun than environmental lectures. But we also firmly believe the lodges and hotels that make every effort to have a positive impact on their local communities and environment almost always provide the best possible experience. So that's why we're now making every effort to offer alternatives to the expected norm. Here are some of our latest loves, which we can combine with travel arrangements any way you'd like.

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NAME: Azura Quilalea Private Island

LOCATION: Mozambique, Tanzania

HOW THEY’RE CHANGING WORLDS: A paradisiacal wonderland of white sand, turquoise tides and striking sunsets, the alluring serenity present at Azura Quilalea Private Island strikes the right tone for restoration – as does its clifftop spa. With an enchanting menu based on local ingredients and traditions, Azura’s masseurs use revitalising African body butters and Mongongo nut oil to nourish skin back to health. There’s also a Tribal Traditions massage on offer where, enveloped in olive and shea butter, people get zen the African way, with massage strokes mimicking the beating of African drums.

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NAME: Andronis Wellness Resort

LOCATION: Imerovigli, Greece

HOW THEY’RE CHANGING WORLDS: Tantalising tranquility and a good pampering awaits at this gem, perched on the romantic Santorini coastline. At Andronis Wellness Resort’s Kallos Spa, experts blend techniques picked up everywhere from Sweden to Thailand, channelling East-meets-West vibes to help unite mind, body and spirit. While their use of rocks taken from the heart of Santorini’s volcano is intriguing, it’s their signature sound ritual that’s the standout goody up for grabs here. First, the hypnotising vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowl free your mind from tension, lulling you into a meditative slumber until the sound of cymbals awakens you.

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NAME: Hotel Feelviana

LOCATION: Portugal

HOW THEY’RE CHANGING WORLDS: Surrounded by the delicious smell of forest pine and fresh sea air, Feelviana’s attitude to health and wellness is all natural, all the time. With a big focus on wellness and outdoorsy sports, their spa is all about harmonising body and mind, with a specialist set of massages and yoga classes on offer for winding down after a day’s worth of sporty jaunts. From balancing your yin and yang with a traditional Chinese Tui-Na massage, to relieving muscular aches and pains with a Seaweed Hot Stone massage, you can be rest assured wellbeing is in capable hands.

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NAME: Wilderness Safaris

LOCATION: Various locations in Africa

HOW THEY’RE CHANGING WORLDS: Wilderness Safaris is widely acclaimed as the continent’s foremost ecotourism operator, giving their guests life-changing journeys in some of the most remote and pristine areas in Africa and in so doing help conserve Africa’s spectacular biodiversity and share ecotourism’s benefits with rural people. We work with them to offer private access to 2.5 million hectares of Africa’s finest wildlife and wilderness areas through some 50 luxury camps and safaris across eight African countries: Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through them we offer the opportunity to experience wildlife, marine and cultural safaris in remote, pristine wilderness destinations which are specialised, educational, explorative and fun.

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NAME: Napo Wildlife Center


HOW THEY’RE CHANGING WORLDS: Beautifully situated on the mirrored lake of Anangu, Napo Wildlife Center is a comfortable eco-lodge in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon offering a haven for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Amongst the reasons for going include:

1. 50ft canopy tower takes you up into the tree-tops and two of Ecuador’s most accessible parrot licks are located here.

2. Set up in partnership with the local Anangu community - a superb eco-community project that gives back to the region.

3. Complements a Galapagos cruise very well for the ultimate wildlife adventure.

4. Spacious thatched cabanas with lake views - the newly refurbished suites are excellent for families.

5. Wonderful wildlife experience but great to immerse oneself in the local culture too.

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NAME: Akasawa Natural Recreation Forest


HOW THEY’RE CHANGING WORLDS: Japan launched a national health programme of mindful walks in nature in 1982 at Nagano prefecture's Akasawa Natural Recreation Forest. The closed English-speaking accommodation is in nearby Kiso-Fukushima, 40 minutes from Akasawa and its 100ft cypress trees. Komanoyu Ryokan, which has its own hot psinrg, calls itself a 'spiritual home for modern people'.

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