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Dine At One Of The Seven Wonders

We've teamed up with the Four Seasons in Cairo to create the opportunity to venture into the desert and experience a night like no other. Beneath a canopy of stars, winners will get to see the Pyramids of Giza come alive during a private showing of a spectacular sound-and-light display that explores the history and mystery of the ancient Egyptian empire.

As the stone monuments are illuminated, a voice booms through the night, unfolding breathtaking legends of the majestic Sphinx. The stories of Khufu’s Great Pyramid, Khafre’s pyramid, Menkaure’s pyramid, and the altars that surround them, will take you back in time on a journey through the marvellous mysteries of the Pharaohs. The lives of the legendary rulers and the structural nuances of each ancient monument are highlighted through lights projected onto the pyramids themselves, and you get to witness it entirely from a fit-for-royalty stage.

Your night does not end when the hour-long show concludes; dine privately at an exquisite table set against the backdrop of the Great Pyramid, while the Cairo Symphony Orchestra illuminates the night just for you at your once-in-a-lifetime dinner. We'll arrange for a private Four Seasons chef and culinary team cater to your every epicurean fancy.

It’s an evening fit for – and inspired by – Egypt’s greatest kings. Packages include flights, transfers, accommodation, Dine at one of the Seven Wonders experience and spending money. Contact us for more details.

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