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Pause - a one-day micro retreat for B Corp teams



Discover the transformative power of somatic movement & conscious connected breath.
Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling grounded, centred, and deeply connected to your body and breath.

We've teamed up with our sister company, organisational wellbeing agency, The Life Adventure, to offer B Corps this transformational re-set day in nature.

Conscious Connected Breathwork coach, described recently by Conde Nast Traveler magazine as the "Queen of British Breathwork", has teamed up with the incredible somatic movement coach, Shaun Brooking, to launch a brand-new 1-day retreat in the stunning Cambridgeshire countryside. This experience will take place in, and beside, nature, where particpants have described feeling not only more relaxed, but also more expansive and more creative, where you’ll come away having connected more deeply to your body, to your breath and to members of your team.


We so often get caught up in the busyness of life, it can be difficult for us to slow down, step back and move forward in a better way. It’s only when we learn this skill that we’re able to fully reset, recover and recalibrate. Instead of a simple respite from the daily grind, this reset day has been carefully designed to empower you with the tools you need to reconnect to your natural internal rhythm. It’s an opportunity for every member of the team to rebalance and return to life and work with renewed energy. It’s also a gentle, yet expansive learning experience too, where you’ll each discover ways of replenishing your energy stores through the power of movement, breath and reflection. But this day is not just about nice-to-have-wellbeing tools. It's about helping each member of the team create greater impact as a B Corp organisation. It will help to improve team cohesion, so you go back to work not only feeling better, but working better, more effectively, with greater productivity and enhanced performance.

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3 key objectives

EXPLORE your surroundings and connect to nature, with an immersive learning experience on the benefits of nature connection
REVIVE your body and mind, by releasing unwanted stress, strain and tension
ENGAGE with others through restorative connection, by sharing as much or as little as you like

Somatic Movement

Gentle movements, performed with intention and at a very slow pace. The goal of this is to shift our attention from the external appearance of a pose or posture, to the internal felt experience of the movement. Through shifting our attention from output to experience, we notice how tension, stress and worry softens, and we learn more sustainable ways of living in our bodies.

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious breathing is a gentle, simple technique that helps you to open up the full potential of your breathing system for better physical and emotional well-being. It’s been demonstrated to have many benefits, including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way. In the session Justine will give a short intro and you’ll lie on your back, with the whole group breathing together.

Nature Connection

We’ll immerse ourselves in the healing properties of nature. By exploring the four elements of water, wood, earth and sky, we reconnect to our own organic nature, and discover how these elements support us in our daily lives. Research shows that connecting to organic elements can elevate mood, reduce feelings of isolation, promote calm and decrease inflammation.

Wood-fired hot tubs and sauna

The bathing space at our beautiful location invites you to relax in red cedar, wood-fired hot tubs and saunas which are situated outdoors. Whilst your body regenerates and detoxifies immersed in hot water, you are also exposed to daylight, your lungs are filled with fresh, clean air and your eyes rest upon natural, green spaces. The benefits can be felt all year round – whatever the weather.

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Why choose this?

The whole team will leave with more vitality, feeling far more relaxed, less stressed and importantly, equipped with tools to maintain it all after the day. You’ll be guided by two experts in their field through explorative movement situations, tuning deeply into your physical, emotional and personal self via your breath, and feel comfortable getting curious about what you can do with your body. Not only that, you’ll also learn how to connect more deeply with nature (and therefore yourself) and other members of the team whilst spending some important downtime in our location’s wonderful outdoor wood-fired hot tubs and sauna.

Who it’s for:

  • Teams feeling over-stressed, overwhelmed, tired and needing/wanting to reset their sleep rhythms.
  • Teams seeking more clarity – individually as well as collectively.
  • Teams struggling to switch off and slow down.
  • Teams wanting to learn a technique that will take them towards optimum physical health, emotional clarity and a deeper connection with themselves.


When: Pause is available as a team day micro retreat year-round on Thursdays and Fridays, subject to availability.

Where: Just outside Cambridge – although we can research other possible venues if this doesn’t work for you.

  • A full day that packs a real punch, yet leaves space for reflection and a greater understanding of the true path to wellness
  • Guided studio sessions: Movement,Somatics & Breathwork
  • Home made, locally-sourced lunch at the Hilltop Bistro
  • Guided outdoor sessions: Sensory trail walk learning about a deeper nature connection
  • Wood-fired hot tub and sauna time – relaxed connecting time with each other
  • Guided closing reflections

Cost: £4500 for 10 people


  • Access to wood-fired hot tub.
  • Access to sauna.
  • 6 hours (Somatics, movement and Breathwork)
  • Head, heart, body alignment practices.
  • Sensory trail walk and access to meadows.
  • Fully guided day with Justine Clement and Shaun Brooking
  • Deep reflection cheat sheet.
  • Wholesome, homemade, locally-sourced and seasonal lunch
  • Complimentary drink
  • Sarong towels and bathrobes


Your own water bottle and journal/diary to take notes throughout the day, swimwear, flip flops and appropriate clothing and footwear.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to check date availability do get in touch at and we can discuss this with you in more detail.

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About Shuan Brooking

Shaun is a coach, mover, thinker and educator. In his past life as an athlete, he learnt the hard way - the world of performance and fitness is not about health - burnt out, injured and lost. He's spent the last 15 plus years figuring out what it means to be in a body and live to his full potential without the cost to his health. He has studied across many fields - neuroscience, physiology, embodiment, movement and spirituality - and integrate these to help people build life-long skills. These skills help you buffer the effects of stress and anxiety, give you the ability to unplug and slow down, and perform in a sustainable way.

About Justine Clement

Founder of The Happy Prize Company and Breathwork coach, Justine was born curious and adventurous. She's spent the last 15 years exploring ways to live and feel better through ashtanga yoga, kinesiology, Celtic shamanism and mythology, psychotherapy, plant communication and mindfulness, to name a few. For many years, she was a self-confessed 'on-the-go' CEO and no words of warning from others about the importance of slowing down, could stop her. She only really listened after a series of injuries forced her to stop. Her slow recovery invited her to start learning how to 'be' as well as 'do'.

To book contact us at to discuss in more detail and check availability for your B Corp team.

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