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Join a programme monitoring the Big 5 in Africa

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On this two-week experience you’ll help park wardens and ecologists in the Marakele National Park to monitor wildlife like lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants, as well as taking on vital tasks like road repair and cooking for people at the base.

But it's not all work – there'll also be forays to the Sun City adventure park and camping trips out in the bush, too. LEO Africa is a Big5 & wildlife monitoring and conservation volunteer project located on the Marataba Section of the Marakele National Park. Their mission is to help and provide the Park Section Management with relevant information about key species on the park, such as lion, leopard, elephant, and black and white rhino, as well as help with conservation work and veterinary operations when necessary. LEO Africa is the only monitoring facility of the park, providing a free service, making our work vital for the management of Marataba. You will learn new skills whilst living a truly African experience and will be amongst a group of people who are the centre of LEO's work, helping them on the field as well as providing financial support, which makes their work possible.

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