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Help transform your local community and economy by helping every child to fall in love with reading…

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As a B Corp business we not only look at the way we do business, but we also look for initiatives that help our local community, as well as society at large, to flourish.  Our latest passion project is helping children get more access to great books that are not only educational in nature, but also feel fun to read. Statistics show that when a child loves to read, they are more likely to succeed academically and this sets them on the path to believing in themselves and participating and contributing more posivitvely to society.

Yet 1 in 8 primary schools have no library space at all.  And one in five children leave primary school without reaching the reading level they need to do well in secondary school, limiting their life opportunities by age 11. 

So with this in mind, The Happy Prize Company is supporting HarperCollins author, Preethi Nair, to launch an inspirational campaign to get 100,000 books into schools.  And we would love for you to be part of this journey. 

Preethi has created the Monster Life Lessons series so that ALL children can be heroes of their story and know that the superpower they possess is being themselves. The brand values are diversity, creativity and resilience. 

The first book, Anjali’s Story, is about a little girl who starts a business in Lockdown and delves into an unexpected adventure.  The story has already been capturing the hearts and minds of children who have read it for the first time:

"Thank you for inspiring my child to start reading again."

"She really did enjoy the book and couldn’t wait to get into bed to read more - it was really lovely to see."

"Jemima absolutely loved the book - is there a series? "  

This is an absolutely amazing book. The characters aren't like someone you aspire to be but then just can't be (like someone with magical powers or control), these people you can actually BE."  Ruby aged 10

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We're looking for brands and organisations to be part of this 100,000 books for schools initiative. It's easy to get involved, so if you'd like to be part of this story and are able to sponsor your local primary school with a set of books, we can print a dedicated page and inscription from the brand with whatever message you would like to give to the children. 

Costs are as follows

Sponsor a class - 30 books £250

Sponsor 200 books - £1,620

Sponsor 500 books - £4,050

We have a further information sheet where you can read more about the book and download a copy.  Please do get in touch if you'd like to receive this or have any questions