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Happy Prize Company becomes a Koala Supporter - you can too

In January 2020 Happy Prize Company became a Koala Supporter through WWF Australia, in order to support the conservation of Australia’s unique indigenous wildlife.

As you no doubt know, bushfires that have swept across Australia over the past few months and these have sadly taken the lives of millions of native animals, including koalas, as well as destroying vast swathes of their natural habitat. It’s estimated that as many as 8,400 koalas have perished in fires on the mid-north coast of NSW and South Australia’s Kangaroo Island has lost over 50% of their koala population This is a devastating blow for an iconic species already in decline, and these bushfires have the potential to hasten koalas’ slide towards extinction in eastern Australia.

The sad fact is that even without these fires, trees are being bulldozed and land cleared at an unprecedented rate. Koala populations have declined by a staggering 42% over 20 years alone and the koala is at serious risk of becoming extinct in both NSW and Queensland.

Fortunately the Australian bush is designed by nature to regenerate, and within weeks of burning, we learn that new growth can already be seen. Charitable donations are ensuring rescued wildlife is being rehabilitated with a view to release back into the wild, whilst longer term projects such as WWF’s ‘Towards Two Billion Trees’ are working towards the restoration and protection of Australia’s forests, to ensure a home for generations of koalas and other wildlife to come.

We've learned that the worldwide support and generosity for the animals, land and people affected by this devastating crisis has been truly amazing, allowing specialist teams to give the help that is required.

The Happy Prize Company has begun a monthly donation commitment to WWF Australia Koala Supporter scheme for the coming year which allows us to virtually adopt a koala. WWF Australia relies on support to carry out their essential conservation projects. If you would like to support WWF yourself, either by donating or by adopting an animal, click here.

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Here's a list of other organisations helping with the situation in Australia right now, if you are looking to offer your support:

Australian Red Cross:
NSW Rural Fire Service:
Victoria Country Fire Authority:
South Australia Country Fire Service:
WWF Australia:
WIRES Wildlife Rescue;