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Extreme bathing = extreme wellbeing

Whether it's bathing in natural hot pools, snow-covered mountain streams, walking tour in a forest punctuated by the discovery of portable heated hydro hammocks or makeshift steam room tents - the overall effect on the body and mind can be incredible. At New Zealand’s Maruia Hot Springs, guests can combine extreme hot and cold bathing experiences with talks on nutrition, walks, yoga, massage and mindfulness. We've teamed up with them to offer some incredible experiences to use as prizes. Winners will be taught ways to master stress in barefoot luxury, unleash their evolutionary potential, expand their limits of comfort and pick up techniques to tame their toxic load, thus increasing their chances of living a happy, healthy and long life. If they could only ever attend one wellness retreat, we're sure they'd want it to be this one!

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While the Peninsula Hot Springs in Australia has recently launched a Nordic zone with saunas, ice caves, cold plunge pools and an ice plunge pool supported by trained guides who take guests on Fire & Ice experiences. Another incredibly enriching experience which makes a fantastic prize.

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Hot springs maximise our connection to nature and the environment

Increasingly, evidence-based research shows the connection between nature and mental health. Hot springs stem directly from the earth with life-enhancing minerals and natural warmth that provide an all-weather and all-seasons connection to the environment. Hot springs designs are now focussing on providing an aesthetic and physical connection to the environment which provides a sense of being connected to the natural environment. Two hours out of Tokyo, the ancient hot springs town of Kusatsu offers a trail of hot springs (or onsens) where people walk through the beautiful town in their traditional yukata robes and geta (wooden clogs) from hot spring to hot spring. It's blissful relaxation. We offer trips to Japan which can be used as prizes to Kusatsu with a stopover in Tokyo on the way there.

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For more information on any of the above, or to brief us on creating a hot springs or other wellbeing break for your campaign, just email us here.