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Witness the Annual Monarch Butterfly Migration in Mexico


Every October, millions of monarch butterflies begin a journey of nearly 3,000 miles to the centre of Mexico – and we’re offering the chance to view this incredible spectacle as a prize. We'd like you not only to experience this, but also understand the plight of this incredible creature. The trip also combines this unforgettable natural wonder with the very best that Mexico has to offer, including the stunning 16th-century town of Morelia, the mysterious ancient pyramids of Teotihuacán and the vibrant capital, Mexico City.
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What makes this experience incredible

  • You'll have your own personal guides and private transport included throughout
  • You'll horse ride through the tranquil fir forests around Angangueo, surrounded by thousands of monarch butterflies
  • You'll soar high above the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacán by hot air balloon
  • You'll taste the sweet delights of José Ramón Castillo, the country’s most famous chocolatier
  • You'll lunch with an incredible view at Gran Teocalli restaurant overlooking photo-worthy Teotihuacán
  • You'll cruise the floating gardens of Xochimilco by traditional trajinera boat
  • You'll visit the most beautiful cathedral in Mexico in the charming colonial city of Morelia

As a sample, here are the first few days of this incredible adventure. The full itinerary is available on request if you think this would work well as a prize for your next campaign.

Touch down in Mexico City, the country's energetic capital. You’ll spend your first two days admiring the handsome architecture, sampling the incredible culinary scene and discovering the city’s rich artistic heritage, learning about the likes of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Your private tour of the city includes a mouthwatering tasting session with master chocolatier José Ramón Castillo. You’ll also board a brightly coloured trajinera boat for a cruise around the bewitching Aztec floating gardens of Xochimilco, and take an unforgettable hot air balloon ride high above the vast pre-Columbian pyramids of Teotihuacán.

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Then it’s time to head west to the pink-hued colonial town of Morelia, still largely undiscovered by the tourist masses and home to the most impressive cathedral in Mexico. Next stop is Pátzcuaro, where you’ll cross a lake to the traffic-free island of Janitzio. Your journey through Mexico climaxes amongst the fir forests near Angangueo, where the air is filled with great orange clouds of monarch butterflies. Over a hundred million monarchs migrate here every year, and no one really knows why - but the sight of trees topped with thousands of beating wings is extraordinarily beautiful. Astonishingly, it takes several generations to complete the migration, so none of the butterflies you will see in Mexico have been there before, nor will any of them ever return.

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Contact us for more details and price if you'd like to use this as a prize.