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Purposeful Prizes (and more)

"If we want a better world, we need to tell a better story"
'Goodvertising holds the key'

The Guardian

Welcome to our first ever update. We hope you enjoy what you read and are inspired by what you see. These 5 ideas are experience-based and can be used to:

Connect Brands to Customers in promotional marketing campaigns
Companies to Employees as part of incentive/reward programmes
Companies to Re-Sellers as part of incentive/reward programmes
As CSR/Wellbeing initiatives

Dreams pretty much the same as all the above, just using a different language

A Nutrition Makeover For Life

London-based over 3 weekends

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You may have read about her bestselling book The Gut Makeover in The Daily Telegraph. We’re now working with Jeanette to offer ground-breaking, life-changing guided nutritional makeovers including overnight stays, a signed copy of the book and a personal follow-up skype session with Jeanette. We can arrange similar nutritional sessions and workshops in the workplace or on retreat.

The Swing Safari, Namibia

From 3 -8 days, Africa

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Liz, who owns Wild Dog Safaris shares the same philosophy as us, and many others in this space. She is driven to make life better for her people and deliver an exceptional safari experience to her customers. The earned loyalty and love her staff have for this incredible company shines through in every aspect of their service and sets them apart. Her competitors are owned by large corporates and are only driven by numbers on spread sheets. But Wild Dog Safaris has a heart. This is an independent purpose driven company and we feel a deep resonance with them. You can read a great story about them here.

A 21 Day Breakthrough Programme


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A breakthrough experience like no other. 21 days of short yet powerful online mindfulness meditations and guided visualisations to ensure you de-stress permanently and make significant transformations in the nitty gritty of everyday life. Created for our sister company, Learn Shed, Nick Seneca Jankel’s unification of the latest science with timeless wisdom will ensure you create, breakthrough and thrive in your life. We can also deliver these in live workshop format in the workplace or at events.

Re-Wild Yourself

UK based 1 day to longer programmes & also online

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Re-Wild Yourself is an interactive and life-affirming journey with our health coach Nick Michell on the importance of reconnecting with the natural environment on a daily basis and the profound positive effects it can have on our mind, body and relationships with those who surround us.

This 1-1 or 1-group workshop in the UK has been created specifically for us and particularly great for those who have limited daily exposure to nature due to prolonged periods of time working indoors or those focusing on a computer screen for the majority of the day. Nick will show us how the environment plays a vital role in personal wellbeing, and by making small adjustments in our daily life, how we can gain substantial improvements to our overall health.  He’ll also show us how to reawaken our senses and bring clarity through mindful engagement with nature, as well as learning how to build a deeper relationship with our body through physical movement and play.   This workshop can help to bring about profound changes in our health and wellbeing.

The Cascade Raid

Europe, 3 days

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A 3-day outdoors adventure of the body & mind in one of Europe’s most beautiful wild places. It goes a little something like this..

It's early Summer high in the mountains somewhere on the continent, the last of the snow is melting to form trickles in the ground.

We make a dash for the heights of this wild landscape where views from your dreams can be found.
We follow the water gradually down the mountain as streams start to gather intensity.
Going with the flow of this former snow it's now our time to rise in ferocity.

Leaping into torrents we surge through the canyon with adrenaline leading the pack.
What started as a gentle stroll in the hills is now a challenge with no way back.

We are here to push our personal boundaries and experience first hand,
how this once gentle force, now powers through ancient land....

#goodvertising round up

The new tagline, "Joy Will Take You Further. Keep Walking," moves the campaign from a work hard-and-persevere message to one that promotes the idea that joy is the key to making progress. The old tone "doesn't resonate in the way it used to," said Guy Escolme, global brand director for Johnnie Walker, which is owned by Diageo. The new campaign, he said, is meant to convey the idea "that if you start from a place of happiness, optimism and joy, it is a big accelerator of people's progress and success in their lives." Read more here.

How we can help you

We can help you well beyond creating an incentive experience and taking exceptional care of your winners. We also work with some of the world's leading wellbeing and psychology experts, through our sister company Learn Shed, to create meaningful content just like the Johnnie Walker campaign. By that we mean the life affirming, life-enriching and positive stuff. Here’s an idea of what we can do, although we’re not great fans of lists and box ticking, but at least it's a conversation-starter:

  • Prize, incentives and rewards as experiences, travel, workshops (plus loads of other stuff)
  • Meaningful content production (written, TV, Video)
  • Sourcing the right experts to convey positive & meaningful messaging
  • Helping you with campaign objectives

Here’s a piece we wrote recently on Finding Happiness.
Thanks for listening. If you'd like to talk to us about any of the above, please contact us on or call Justine on 07714 333418 or Skype on justine.clement1

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