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Inspiration - A Masterclass for Marketing Professionals

Through our wellbeing sister-company, Learn Shed, The Happy Prize Company also works with brands, organisations and agencies to help breakthrough problems, define purpose and find ways to get (even more) creative. Innovation doesn't happen around a flip chart. It you want big breakthrough, learn how to generate insights into problems & understand where good ideas come from, then take a look at this masterclass for starters:

You work in brand and marketing because it’s about energy, creativity and communication – things that matter personally, that wake you up and make you feel engaged. You love it when you get a chance to bring new life to a brand or create a powerful idea to catalyse change. But all too often the inspiration goes missing in action, sidelined or forgotten in a rush to create something that is acceptable to the client, internally or externally. In this event Laurence – based on 20 years experience as a strategist, entrepreneur and author – will reconnect you with what really matters about marketing: the generation of inspiring energy that attracts and mobilises your community of customers and colleagues.

This workshop can be tailored either for individuals wishing to explore their career future or for teams working on a specific problem or looking to make inspiration a central principle of their work. It can be held in your offices or we can talk you on a Walkshop out into the Sussex countryside (thoroughly recommended) or in inspiring locations around London.

We will look at:

  • Managing a high-performing creative team
  • Getting to flow in discussions and decision-making
  • How to generate insights to unblock a problem
  • Where good ideas come from and how to generate them
  • Influence and power in marketing
  • How to be an ‘unthinker’

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • An innovator in a large organisation trying to drive adoption of new ideas or approaches
  • A marketeer looking to create employee engagement or to re-energise a brand
  • An agency creative / strategist team trying to come up with an ace idea to win a pitch for client business, or to execute on a client brief?
  • A lonely voice of reason crying in the wilderness for better thinking

Other relevant workshops you may be interested in are detailed on the Learn Shed - see 'Effortless Creativity and Effortless Problem-Solving.

Or click here for a thoroughly enjoyable read from Laurence on how to find flow in a digital world.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss running any of these workshops/masterclasses for individuals or teams within your agency or brand.