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Experiences by post - time for something a little different

Wild Inspiration Boxes

Receiving experiences by post has been popular for decades now. There is a mind-blowing array of choices whether you're looking to inspire Mothers, Kids, Dads, or indeed, even your Grandmother. But here's something different we're delighted to be offering. 

It's adventure by post but it feels different, it looks different and it is, altogether different. Designed for the enthusiast adventurer in mind (think EDEN, just starting on Channel 4) these boxes are first-to-market, curated outdoor products and experiences.

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We can't tell you exactly what you will receive each month, because each one is curated each and every time, but what we can tell you is that it will be the best of what exists in the adventure world. Pre-sale books from the most talented adventure writers, films from the greatest adventure film makers, cool as well as cool, bespoke manufacturers and designers who will bring you not only the opportunity to create a great outdoor experience, but also exclusive online content, too.

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Boxes come as a monthly subscription for £24.95 or an Absolute Box for £68.85 per quarter. Or, we can create a bespoke box just for your brand where we can either come up with the inclusions or you tell us what you'd like, including an experience itself.

Life is a big adventure and with these little boxes arriving on the doorstep each month, we're convinced they will inspire and delight the adventurer in everyone. Great for kids too, as a bespoke version.