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Eco-heaven in Normandy

A quick trip across the Channel can lead to eco bliss. Normandy is a new environmentally-friendly location for environmentally-conscious travellers thanks to the wealth of green properties on offer such as this one we absolutely love, Manoir de la Queurie. Getting there won’t play on your conscience either, thanks to Brittany Ferries ship Honfleur, which will be the first ship on the Channel to run on LNG gas. Emissions contain around 25 per cent less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels and then it’s less than an hour’s drive to Orne.

Eco credentials of Manoir de la Queurie abound, including lime walls, reed-bed filtration, organic local produce, minimalist interiors and open-plan living spaces, all set in 14 hectares of green – and there are even sheep to play with.

The Story

It was love at first sight when Luc and Anna found La Queurie in 2007. Here is their story.

The estate was built in the 15th century, so the renovation work turned out to be a huge adventure. The first years were spent cleaning up the property and replacing the roofs of the various buildings. In 2011 we started rebuilding and renovating the former barn to turn it into the main house. During this process it was important for us to use renewable, sustainable and organic materials. All the ideas and plans for the reconstruction were made by Luc and me.

La Queurie is located close to La Courbe, a small picturesque village situated next to the river Orne which winds its way through the Normandy. The region is characterized by an idyllic landscape and typical French villages. You can enjoy wonderful romantic walks, clear and fresh air and scenic light all year.

There are two different rooms offered to rent for a weekend or a longer holiday stay with big window fronts facing the Orne. With a little luck you can watch the grey herons fishing by the river. A fresh and delicious breakfast will be served in the dining area.

During summertime it’s possible to swim in the Orne or paddle the kayaks of which are available for rent in “La Courbe”. Children can try catching American Crabs between the stones in the water which we even can prepare in our kitchen as a a little starter for dinner.

For animal lovers La Queurie is a great destination. More than 20 sheep grazing on the surrounding meadows and the funny black feathered chicken run around the yard and provide fresh eggs for your daily breakfast. Our cats are always strolling around the house and garden but also need a lot of love and might quite often jump on your lap persuading you to sit and relax a little longer.

If you like or are interested in gardening you’re coming to the right place. Anna is a passionate gardener and can teach you a lot about how to cut apple trees, style typical Norman hedges or create the perfect flower bed.

And the gourmets? No need to worry, we'll order you a delicious organic dinner.

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