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ASDA Lenor trip to Venice

Everyone offers something different and in most cases, something pretty good. In each touch point we have with both our clients and recipients, we make sure our differentiator is combining a truly personal service with high quality experiences. It's heart-warming to know that whilst it's a bold claim, together with brands and their agencies, we actually do make a difference to people's lives. This latest email, received in from a winner of a recent ASDA Lenor promotion, goes to show it's worth it.

Just to say our heartiest thanks for a brilliant time in Venice. The hotel could not have been better situated, literally a road's width away from the bus and train stations. I'm still shaking my head at the price of a rail ticket into Venice Santa Lucia ……. 1 Euro 30 Cents !!! I didn't know such prices still existed. And they give us a room six floors up so we could see for literally miles.

I was last in Venice 40 years ago as a teenager. On Interrail which was budgeting in the extreme, LOL. Would you believe hundreds of us slept on the steps of Santa Lucia in our sleeping bags. A drunken Gondalier belted out a few classics and rather naively we encouraged him with raucous applause. He was still going at 1am and the vino wasn't doing much for his sense of harmony. It was a blessing when the Gendarmerie finally arrested him. You put up with such "entertainment" when you're young and broke. So you can imagine I pondered life as I walked past the spot where I'd slept under the stars all those years ago. I said to my wife, "a 4* hotel, spending money, fantastic weather, we are so, so lucky".

This was such a lovely, generous prize. Nowadays it's accepted companies have to be cash conscience. We see so many competitions where the prize is for two nights. Three is a luxury but four nights is a rarity and very, very giving of the promoters. It allowed us to not just see Venice during the day and twice at night, but to travel up to Lido Di Jesolo and bask in the sunshine as well splash about in the Adriatic. Amazing for late October.

Needless to say I want to thank the promoters and also pass on our gratitude for your own very special efforts in making this such a brilliant getaway. You always answered our queries with amazing punctuality and with such friendliness. We really appreciated the confidence we had in our dealings with you. If you have a 'relevant' email address I will write to the company later in the week.

You and the promoters deserve the very best.

Thanks, you are a real star.

Tony, ASDA Lenor